My debut novel When the Time Feels Right

Katie and Jack have known one another for years. Jack is the best friend of Katie’s brother.

Both have fallen for each other but neither one knows how the other feels.

After countless missed opportunities, they are now both ready to tell one another. But again, the timing is wrong. Jack is going to be a dad.

Will the time ever be right, or have they missed their chance?

About The Book

When Katie was fourteen, she met her brother’s best friend for the first time. He was good looking, funny and mischievous. What was there to dislike?

The trouble was she never stopped liking him and now, in her twenties, her feelings had got stronger. There was no way she was going to tell him though. For a start, her brother wouldn’t like her going out with his best mate. And Jack? Well, he wouldn’t be interested. I mean, why would he, when his girlfriends were so much more glamorous than her?

Jack hadn’t thought of Katie as anything other than his best friend’s sister. At least he hadn’t, until the evening of her parents’ Christmas party. Now, he couldn’t get her out of his mind. But knowing what to do about it was the tricky part. His best mate would hate it if they got together. He was very protective of his sister and from the outset he’d told his friends they couldn’t date her. Not that that would happen anyway. I mean, she’d never shown any interest in him in the whole time that he’d known her so why would she want to go out with him now?

After countless missed opportunities, the time now felt right for them to let each other know. There was one problem, Jack was going to become a father. He didn’t have a reason to doubt this, so he had to move on, make a fresh start.

Would the time ever be right for Katie and Jack or had they missed their chance?

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About the Author

When the Time Feels Right is Sarah Lithgow’s first novel. Being the mum of two young adults, Sarah has witnessed the happiness and heartache of young love. Even though Sarah leads a hectic life working in a local school and looking after her family, she still finds time to write which has always been her passion. When she's not writing her next novel, Sarah spends her time with her family in the beautiful Somerset countryside.

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